Regenerating Human (Un)ity

  • ​An online event

  • Jan 17-24, 2021

Join the 5th edition of our annual event: the Systemic Leadership Summit.

Learn how to lead change the human way - Leverage systemic strategies in your organization.​

An online event with a simple mission

We help you shift your leadership paradigm from the individual to the collective, from the control based to the human.


We dramatically grow and spread transformation capabilities for leaders like you across the world.


How? By introducing you to a highly diverse, cutting edge and experienced group of influencers.


Watch the session trailer of Systemic Leadership Summit 2019 top speaker dr. Peter Senge.

Steep Learning Curve

Shared by those who have done it: 500+ years of experience in systemic approaches and 
transformation strategies

Value-Packed Sessions

Interviews With Top Experts,
Leaders & Entrepreneurs. See
experts in a raw, authentic
conversations and sessions.

No Pitch Summit

We aim to deliver valuable, powerful, inspirational material. That's why our summit sessions are Pitch Free.

Systemic Leadership Summit 2021 Line-up

Founded and hosted by Jennifer Campbell

This is the fifth edition of the Systemic Leadership Summit, which was first
launched January 2017. The online event is broken down into 3 parts to help
you accelerate your understanding and implement your learnings faster.



1. See The System
View your organization as a whole


Learn what systems are and what a
systemic approach to leadership brings to
the table. Practice seeing your tribe as a
system and discover what it costs you
when you keep focusing on the parts in it.

2. Share the Space
Foster (re)generative interaction


Learn how to have dialogue from a
place of real connection, deep listening
and reflection. Tap into the wisdom
and the different viewpoints that
exist in the system you are part of.

3. Shape the Shift
Create a sustainable organization


Generate results from the collective
intelligence and leadership within your organization. Co-creating from what emerges, rather than react to what has already happened in its environment.

See the System

Jennifer Campbell

Founder and Host of the Systemic Leadership Summit

SLS 2021 Kick-off, The Systemic Change Leadership Framework

Margaret Wheatley

Speaker, consultant, advisor, leader. Best selling author.

Warrior of the Human Spirit:

the Leadership we need Now

Dave Snowden

Cynefin Framework Creator,

Founder Cognitive Edge

Sensemaking and Warm


Nora Bateson

President Bateson Institute, writer, and lecturer

Sensemaking and Warm


Jan Jacob Stam

Pioneer in systemic work in NL, Founder Bert Hellinger Institute

Potential in Organizational


Marita Fridjhon

Co-founder and CEO CRR Global, Co-creator of ORSC

Creating a Sense of Belonging in Diverse Systems

Philippe Bailleur

Organizational Renewal Coach,  

Author and Keynote Speaker

Trauma in


Joan Lurie

CEO of Orgonomix, leadership and organization transformation

Shaping leadership in Complex Adaptive Systems

Share the Space

Alexander Laszlo

President Board BCSSS & ISSS, Founder Sys. Innovation at ITBA

Exploration - Co-creating Systems we want to see in the world

Dr. Kathleen Allen

President K.A. & Associates, leadership expert, author

Shifting to Regenerative Vital Systems

Phil Cady

President of Cognitive Leadership Strategies West Inc

Using Systems Thinking to Make Decisions in Complex Changing Contexts

Siets Bakker

Systems Thinker, Practitioner, Moving Questions Creator

Systemic Field work in the


John Watters

Director of Living Leadership, Pioneer of Barry Oshry's Work

Releasing the Power of the Human Spirit in Organisations

Katherine Long

Ecosystems Practitioner,  

OD expert

The Inner and Outer Flows in the Embodied Experience of systems

Benjamin Taylor

CEO Public Service Transf. Acad, Managing Partner RedQuadrant 

The Developing Journey of the Systems Thinker

Arawana Hayashi

Head of Social Presencing Theater at Presencing Institute. 

Leading from Embodied


Shape the Shift

Dr. Louis Klein

Expert in systemic change 

& governance

Unpacking Stewardship in Rebuilding Society

Noomi Natan

Certified Coach, Organization Constellations expert

The Art of Dealing with Endings from Inner Power

Jeremy Lloyd

Independent consultant, former leader in business.

Balancing Authenticity & Performance when Leading Organizational Transformation

Brian Rivera

Co-creator of the Flow System™, Agile & innovation trainer

Liminality, Leadership and the Flow System

Wendy Maloney

Head of Newmella Holdings

Business innovation​ expert

Inclusive Innovation

Mathias Weitbrecht

Founder and Managing Director of Visual Facilitators, Facilitator

Using Visualization Skills to Deal with Complexity

Aftab Omer

President of Meridian University, Sociologist, Futurist

Increasing Collective Prescencing: Caring for the World in Scaled Problems 

John Renesch

Independent Advisor, mentor,

futurist and writer

Human Potential and the Great Growing Up

First, let me express how enriching and relevant I find the summit, its topics and speakers. And also, you Jennifer have an impressive and very helpful ability to summarize and ask questions. Thank you for that!

I was impressed by the profound knowledge the experts shared at this professionally hosted global event. I highly recommend the Systemic Leadership Summit to anyone involved in facilitating systemic change.

This was like taking a refreshing and nurturing mineral spring bath with open-minded,experienced and societal engaged people at the cutting edge of Systemic Leadership.

As I participate in the journey towards a world in which people, organisations and communities increasingly see, live and work through a systems lens, the Systemic Leadership Summit is a valuable support.

The systemic leadership summit is an excellent platform to hear all eminent speakers whom we may not have a chance to hear otherwise. Thank you once again for giving an opportunity to listen to such honorable speakers.

In a context of buzzwords, noise and quick changes, this Summit is a piece of calm to profoundly think and share knowledge and experience about Systemic Leadership.

This summit is like sitting on the first row of a dialogue, that lets everybody see organizations from a different 360º perspective. Thanks to the high quality of the speakers and the good questions of the host.

I've just listened to two sessions back to back! OMG!!! It's been amazingly stimulating and insightful for me...I've taken tonnes of notes and now I need to sleep and let it percolate overnight....

I liked the thoughtful and reflective atmosphere of the summit. Here, the talk is truly walked: different perspectives are explored and power of listening is cultivated: in the interview sessions as well as in the LinkedIn group.

The SLS [Systemic Leadership Summit] has helped me to connect with a new network, gain new glasses and had good laughs about the do’s and don’ts, great experience so far.

The diversity of the speakers and the sessions! I was inspired by each session and took away at least one if not more "golden nuggets". And I am sure that next time when I watch the sessions, I will learn something new again.

While our organisation is amazing there is still a need to change and grow. This is often a challenge for our volunteers and staff. Learning more about the process of change - how to facilitate it, support others and evaluate it is what I am trying to learn more about. The very first guest that I listened to was just perfect for my "Change Journey".

The summit was very inspiring. I got an unexpected and very welcome boost at the start of a busy season. I feel reconnected with both my learned and innate systems wisdom and ready to use it with my clients.

It was valuable to find a shared perspective and language and to make time to hear the current thinking and approaches. I took valuable insights in particular from Ed & Peter Schein and Jan Jacob Stam which I put into practice the next day. A massive achievement to bring together such an interesting mix of thought-leaders and practitioners.

When I heard about the systemic leadership summit, I jumped at the chance and signed up. Why ? Because, as a solopreneur who is relatively new to helping leaders and their organizations create value aligned with values - it can be easy to look inward and see it as a lonely place. Here in the summit, though, the diversity of the speakers sharing their approaches and insights about the helping, together with the thoughtful design of the event - I found a space. It's a valuable space to co-learn, to connect and to become inspired to act even more - in the shared work that we do. Thank you !

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